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159 Registered Allowed team size: 3 - 6

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Mar 24, 2022, 08:00 AM ()
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Mar 25, 2022, 12:00 PM ()

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Israel Securities Authority

Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is the national securities regulator of Israel. Established by law in 1968, which defines the ISA's role "to protect the interests of the public investing in securities." ISA is active in two main areas: protecting investors; developing the regulatory infrastructure, tools and products for an advanced, diverse, competitive and innovative public capital market. The Israel Securities Authority currently oversees a broad array of activities in the capital market, including the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange activity, where the securities of the State of Israel and many companies are traded; securities IPO's to the public by companies recruiting capital; operations of mutual funds offering the public a range of liquid and convenient investment avenues; operations of many financial agents, including investment consultants and portfolio managers; and more.

The Accountant General Department

The Accountant General Department in the Ministry of Finance is a key gatekeeper for the state it is responsible for its assets and it manages the government's funds. The department is responsible for, among others, the execution of the state budget, the management and execution of all government financial operations, the day-to-day management of state assets, including government housing and the government vehicle fleet, financing of the deficit and management of government debt, and carrying out central government procurement. The Accountant General signs contracts and engagements on behalf of the government, and any financial expenditure of a government ministry requires his approval or the approval of someone on his behalf. The department supervises and controls the application of the rules of good administration in the actions of the government, in particular with regard to funds.

Start-Up Nation Policy Institute

Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI) is an independent think-tank focusing on the Israeli innovation policy. Established in June 2021 under the operational umbrella of Start-Up Nation Central, it is a nonprofit organization, fully funded by philanthropy. It’s goal is to strengthen the Israeli innovation economy while maximizing the socio-economic value captured in Israel. It aims to do so through promoting data and research-based policies while stimulating open discourse on innovation-related issues.

Start-Up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central is an independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation. We connect business, government, and NGO leaders around the world to Israeli innovation; we help develop technological sectors with high-growth potential; and we accumulate knowledge and generate in-depth insights about Israel’s innovation sector.

Tech Advisory Qedit

The hackathon is professionally led by QEDIT, the cryptography team that performed the audits for Zcash's Sapling and Orchard updates before they launched into mainnet. QEDIT runs the ZKProof standardization effort , and leading the zkInterface interoperability standard within the DARPA-funded SIEVE program to advance the state-of-the-art of ZKPs. QEDIT built the first enterprise-grade private asset transfer solution, extending the Sapling protocol. QEDIT was also recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Technology Pioneer and was the co-editor of the privacy section of the WEF CBDC report. With this know-how, QEDIT will help the hackathon teams to discover and bridge the remaining privacy compliance and regulation gaps, and explore if blockchain systems today can be employed for traditional securities and bonds trading.

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